Saturday, March 20, 2010

Activity 10 - Last But Not Least

Today is the final day of the Spring Break Reading Challenge.  I hope you've enjoyed participating.  The activities weren't as exciting as the Holiday Break Reading Challenge, but... oh well.  Be sure to post any reviews you've written during the week on the Review post listed in the navigation bar.  I'll pick a random review at the end of the day tomorrow for a book from the Prize List.

Today the activity involves the following:

In Oklahoma (where I live), we are experiencing ANOTHER blizzard - on the first day of Spring, no less.

I want you to find 5 books.  These 5 books need to meet a certain criteria.  These 5 books need to either be about or take place in a winter wonderland.  In other words, snow, ice, or other winter-like weather needs to be involved.

Create a post on your blog with the titles, covers, and book descriptions.

Come back here and use Mr. Linky to connect us to your post.  Hopefully we'll get a wide variety of books from all you guys.


Karen said...

I enjoyed reading everone's selections.I had forgotten about Frozen Fire, and I really want to read that one! This has been a fun week, thanks, Karin!

KrysteyBelle said...

This was a fun one. It was nice to think of the cold while I'm sitting here in steamy stormy Florida. Thanks Karin. =)